Please consider purchasing your 2022-23 school supplies from Yubbler with one-click ordering,

one-day shipping, and competitive prices. 50% of profits will be donated to Audubon!


We are excited to offer Yubbler’s school supplies program which will
help the school and make it a breeze for parents to get school supplies
for next year. Yubbler.com is making our supply lists available for online
purchasing at discounted prices. The best part is that Yubbler will donate
50% of the profits back to the school.

 One click ordering makes back-to-school shopping simple!
 All lists are teacher approved
 Parents can customize orders (buy only what you need)
 Quality, name-brand products you trust
 Low prices and next-day shipping to your home
 The school gets half the profits!



Coupons are valid only during the month of July.



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Each grade has a list of school supplies that the teachers have curated and would like their students to bring on the first day of school. Each teacher may ask for additional items, but these lists will get you started. Help Audubon by purchasing your supplies through:

  • Yubbler and earn 50% back for Audubon School
  • By signing up for AmazonSmile to purchase your supplies and earn money from every purchase for Audubon. 
  • In person at Office Depot. Don't forget to mention Audubon Elementary School at checkout to earn Audubon credit for additional supplies. 


**Click your grade level below to see your grade supply lists**:








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Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support students!

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