Audubon PTA Founder's Day



Congratulations to all the Founder's Day award recipients!

Our community is so luck to have you. 





Founders’ Day celebrates the legacy and work of the founders of the National PTA.

They understood the power of individual action, worked beyond the accepted barriers of their day, and took action to change the world for all children. We want to celebrate teachers, staff, parents, and other individuals who have made significant contributions to the welfare of children at Audubon - someone who has gone “above and beyond” and is a “valuable asset” to our community.


If you missed our Founder's Day Celebration, you can view a recording of the event here.


Video Passcode: &8..f&42

2021 Founder's Day Award Recipients

Very Special Person:
Mayumi Oiwa-Taira, Callie Cain, Shelly Wolf, Davina Singh, Jennifer Guevara, Sandra Sperow, Van Doan, Ben Simson, Candice Duerksen, Jonathan Robinson, Olive Obias-Enrique, Mari Liflander, Nelson Hunter, Glen Lee, Melissa Andrews, Kristal Miles, Joy Maxie, Kat & Morgan Wright, Heather Rice, Rie Nishimura, Judy Philip
Community Service:
Nira Wong  
Honorary Service:
Danielle Combs, Jessica Ganoza, Marianne Wallace, Lori Lee Lu, Christina Tovar, Candelario Ochoa,
Ofelia Alvarado de Huerta, Victor Izquierdo
Continuing Service:
Kamini Cormier, Debbie Melamud, Laureen Spencer, Jill Lang, Sajitha Vinod
Golden Oak Service:
Dawn Tesarowski, Emily Brandt

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