Wellness is prioritizing and taking care of our physical, mental, and social-emotional needs. Incorporating wellness practices into our daily routines provides us with tools to use when feeling overwhelmed, stressed, sad, anxious, or tired. We all help each other (students, teachers, supporting staff, parents, and community). We invite all students to participate and parents to support this fun and timely event! There will be daily challenges designed to emphasize the message that Being HEALTHY means having a healthy heart, mind, body, and spirit.



March 25, Monday - Healthy Spirit: Universe of Colors Kickstart the week with a vibrant Universe of Colors theme! We encourage students to wear colorful clothes. As you color your kindness posters, let the spectrum of colors inspire a diverse and inclusive environment, crafting our magnificent 2023-2024 Kindness Quilt to be displayed outside the library.


March 26, Tuesday - Healthy Body: Team Kindness Wear your favorite sports gear or school colors to show off your team spirit. It's a day to celebrate teamwork and physical wellness. Take teamwork to the next level with a scavenger hunt during recess or lunch recess. Uncover clues and engage in fun physical activity that boosts your health and well-being.


March 27, Wednesday - Healthy Mind: Crazy for Peace, Love & Kindness Showcase wacky socks and/or hairstyles for a day of gratitude. Reflect on the kindness around you and write messages on thank-you card templates available in front of the counselor's office. Recognize someone special and share your appreciation.

March 28, Thursday - Healthy Heart: Dreaming of Kindness Embrace comfort and generosity with Pajama Day! Wear your coziest pajamas to school and bring cereal box(es) to participate in the Cereal Box Domino event. It’s a creative and fun way to demonstrate generosity, impacting our community while celebrating the end of a successful wellness week.



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Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support students!

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