President's Welcome Letter 2018-2019

Hello and welcome to another wonderful year at Audubon Elementary School! Our PTA Board is so excited to get to work on behalf of our school community. We have an exciting year ahead as our school population continues to grow.


Our PTA has had a new “motto” the past few years. Last year, our amazing VP of Volunteers, Rasneet Kaur, coined “Communicate. Collaborate. Empower.” We also utilize the phrase “Strength in Diversity”. These statements are our driving mission for the school year as we make decisions that affect the children of Audubon. This year, we are starting the year at capacity, with 790 children who speak over 15 languages. We have such a rich diversity at our school and a dynamic parent community that brings so much to the table for our students as volunteers in support of our amazing administration, teachers and staff.



We want all parents and families to feel like they are receiving the information they need about our school. The best way for us as a PTA to communicate is here on this website, Creating an account on this site will allow you to have access to information, volunteer opportunities, and a way to pay for things online. This site is the best way to stay in touch with the PTA. Please also join us at General Meetings to have your voice heard. You are also always welcome to direct your questions directly to a PTA Board member. We are here to help you.



What could be better than a network of 1400+ adults all striving to make this school a wonderful environment for our children? Volunteer. There are so many opportunities for you to get involved. There are committees and classrooms assistance. There are AIA docents and yearbook helpers. There is a job for everyone who wants one. Join the PTA! For $10, you can become a PTA member and vote on important decisions. That $10 also helps our school PTA be part of the larger PTA networks and reap the benefits of those networks, such as liability insurance pools and access to important information and training. Beyond volunteering and joining the PTA, we’d love for you to attend events. We have Back to School Night this week and the Back to School Social in a few weeks.



Our PTA is working every day to support our school and empower our students. Through PTA, the students have access to a parent led art program, Art in Action, where the students are exposed to master artists and work to create in those styles. It is low pressure and the children are free to express themselves through art. Through Playworks, we offer new ways for the kids to collaborate on the playground, reducing conflict and promoting inclusion and leadership. Our PTA supports our award-winning technology lab which is entirely funded by PTA, from the computers the kids use, to the robotics lab, to the salary of the aide who works with the students. Each student is in the technology lab weekly, learning at their grade level how to utilize today’s technology. The PTA also augments the library staff and PMT staff so that each child at our school has access to the library weekly during class time and often times during lunch recess.  The extra PMT time makes it so the youngest kids at our school get physical education where the funding falls short. We also make up 60% of the school’s RTI funding, which allows students who need extra support to get the help they need. This enhances the classroom for all students, as teachers can focus on the larger group.


We look forward to communicating and collaborating with our parent community in the school year to come. Our goal will always be to empower the students within our community with the tools and support they need for success.


Emily Brandt

PTA President


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