Teacher and Staff Appreciation WEEK

MAY 2 - 6, 2022


A letter from our Staff Appreciation Committee 



Mahalo to our Audubon Teachers & Staff
Audubon Staff Appreciation Week: May 2-May 6, 2022
Thank you for helping spread the love and appreciation for our teachers and support staff!
We are overjoyed to return to our traditional in-person events to show our gratitude for all they do. In addition to 5 days of luncheons, the events listed below are included in staff appreciation week. The theme this year is Tropical/Hawaiian.
Monday, May 2nd
Audubon teachers are absolutely amazing and they have many staff members that are just as amazing providing our teachers and students with additional support each day so we want to make sure to ensure they are included in the gestures of appreciation.
Door poster(s) are created and hung on each teacher or staff member’s door or common areas(s) before school on Monday, the 2nd. Please delegate the making and hanging of the posters as needed. Other classroom parents are happy to help. Classrooms that have 2 room reps have likely been assigned a support staff member. Audubon’s support staff does not always have an assigned classroom or office so please feel free to reach out for suggested locations to hang their posters. Pinterest has great tropical/Hawaiian themed door posters for inspiration. Additionally, the Audubon PTA Facebook page has photos posted from previous years, simply type, “staff appreciation,” in the search and the photos will come up.
White 18x24 poster boards will be available for pick up in the library from Ms. Cynthia, our librarian during school hours.
The main entrance outside of the office, as well as the Crane gate will open by 7:30am on the 2nd. Please use only blue painter’s tape to hang the posters. The office will be open and will lend out the rolls of blue tape. Please return the rolls back to the office as nearly 40 other door posters need to be hung as well.
Tuesday, May 3rd
A flower(s) for the teacher and/or support staff. The flowers do not have to be store bought-they can be hand drawn/handmade, or homegrown.
Wednesday, May 4th
Gift cards from families (for classroom teachers only, not necessary for support staff) to be used towards classroom supplies. Teachers often reach into their own pocket to provide for the needs of the classroom. The gift cards that come on this day help subsidize some of these costs. There is no need to collect money for this particular gift card, as it is whatever each family chooses to contribute. To make it easier on the teacher and the families, you may want to discuss with the teacher where he/she normally purchases the class supplies (Amazon, Target, etc.)
Trips to the store are not necessary as e-giftcards are an option and can be sent to the teacher’s email address.
Thursday, May 5th
Dress as your teacher or future career.
Friday, May 6th
A class gift card is given to the teacher (and support staff, if assigned) for their personal use. The recommended contribution from each family is $10+. For example, if $10 is collected and a support staff member is assigned to the class, $7 or $8 would go towards the teacher’s gift card and $2 or $3 would go towards a gift card for the support staff member. An email from you, or the parent collecting the funds via Venmo, PayPal, or cash traditionally goes out 2 weeks in advance with the suggested contribution from each family and a summary of the week’s events (please feel free to share this email or cut and paste from it as needed)
Gift cards are presented, “from room __ families,” regardless of a family’s ability to contribute.
** Please initial the Google spreadsheet link to view the door poster assignments and initial next to your name to verify receipt of the assignments. If for any reason you can’t complete your poster(s) please email us.
**Please keep an eye out for the link to the online Sign-Up Genius as we may request food contributions from our generous Audubon families towards the week’s staff luncheons (salads, drinks, dessert bar, etc.). The Sign-Up Genius link will also be posted on the Audubon PTA Facebook page and the PTA Membership Toolkit. We ask that you share the link with your classroom parents.
Thank you so much for your time and commitment. Please do not hesitate to reach out to: (Robin Barrientos) or (Cynthia Zhu) with any questions you may have.
Warm Regards,
The 2021-2022 Staff Appreciation Team


  Teacher & Staff Favorite Things


If families would like to give a gift to their teacher or a staff member(s), please refer them to the list of teacher favorites filled out and returned to room reps at the beginning of the school year. 


Click here to see the teacher & staff favorites.


Thank you all for understanding. We are so proud to be a part of this Audubon community -

and excited to shower our teachers and staff with love the week of May 2nd!


Please reach out with any questions.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to: (Robin Barrientos) or (Cynthia Zhu) with any questions you may have.










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