Eagle Scout Playground Rejuvenation Project




Mayank Patil is an Audubon Eagle graduate and member of the Class of 2015. He is a Scout in Foster City Troop 175. As part of his Eagle Project, he wants to give back to Audubon by rejuvenating the upper grades recess area. This Fall, he lead a group of volunteers in cleaning and repainting the lines on the four square, wall ball, tether ball and volleyball courts and replaced the basketball backboards & hoops.


Thank you to Mayank and his team of volunteers! 


Some playground photos (before & afters):


4-Square Courts (before)


Tetherball Court (before)


Volleyball Courts (before)

Wallball Court (before)


 Basketball courts with new backboards (after)


Tetherball, 4-square courts, wall ball  (after)



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